science and technology evening news: apple wwdc hardware new dazzling
column:industry information time:2017-09-20
june 6, today's science and technology news points apple wwdc filled the major media headlines, software system updates highlights

apple's wwdc  filled the major media headlines, software system updates highlights,  the new hardware into the main characters: the new ipad pro released:  narrow border / 120hz screen / more like a mac, which is in the did you learn from microsoft surface? apple  released imac pro: starting from $ 4,999 in december to sell, the  performance is very tough but the price is more powerful, the local fast  to buy it; new hardware! apple released home audio homepod price of $  349, this looks like google and amazon play left the  new design of the control center / new ar suite, the software system  update highlights do not seem too much, more is the experience of the  details of the details of the development of the software, of  the improvement; not on time to pay the property fee music video staff  or was banned into the building, music as the financial crisis continued  fermentation, netizens already surprised.